Coast to Coast Like Buttered Toast


Clue Town: Piedmonet Park - $15.00 plus shipping

Clue Town Books are a series of ready-to-solve scavenger hunts in walkable areas of Atlanta, Georgia. This particular hunt takes place in Piedmont Park. Solvers complete puzzles to reveal directions to a final destination. Each book includes a compass and pencil to assist with the quest.

• A fun adventure for adults and kids.
• Education, entertainment, and exercise.
• Ideal for office team-building exercises, birthday parties, quality family time, or sight-seeing by oneself

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Tag by Jay Carlson - $10.00 plus shipping

Tag is a double-sided novelette (fiction!) that tells two sides of one memorable weekend in Rosewood, Florida (Population: Oblivious).

Poe, a self-proclaimed studman, becomes stranded when a can of spray paint falls on his beloved car. Big city Poe grapples with local yokels as he searches for the vandal that trapped him there. On the flipside: Mitch, the teen responsible for Poe's predicament, struggles with validation as a spray paint artist in a town where people use toilets as planters. Will these two strangers be giving each other high fives at the end? You'll have to read it (or buy it and have someone else read it out loud) to find out.

Tag has everything that you could possibly want from a novelette: humor, swearing, and brevity! Plus, it's a great yarn. 62 pages and pocket-sized (so beware of pickpockets!). You can read a preview of the novelette here.


Toaster T-Shirt - $10.00 plus shipping

You didn't ask for it, but you got it anyway. The Plug Toaster finally appears on a brown American Apparel 100% cotton unisex T-shirt. There is absolutely no text on this shirt so when the time comes to publicly distance yourself from websites that you used to think were awesome, this shirt could still be a part of your wardrobe!
Small and medium sizes only!

The shirt pictured is size Small. You can view measurements for all sizes here.

The Plug Anthology: Volume 2  -  SOLD OUT

I made another book for you. The second volume of The Plug Anthology compiles Issues #6 - #11, and every page is soaked in the blood of a virgin rainbow. Yes, I've been drinking, but that doesn't negate the fact that this anthology collects the funniest and most creative batch of Plug issues that the world has ever seen. Still not convinced? Then check out my extended sales pitch here. And the best part is that you can buy Volume 2 right here, right now! It's so easy that even a shopaholic could do it.
The Plug Anthology: Volume 1  -  SOLD OUT

I made a book for you. I hope you like it. The first volume of The Plug Anthology collects Issues #1 - #5 and may include tiny hidden Issue #5.5, but only a purchase of the book would confirm or deny that rumor. Volume 1 is printed in full unapologetic color (my apologies to the colorblind). You can view my extended sales pitch including sample pages here. So what's the hold up already? Just buy it and pretend that fourteen bucks fell out of your pocket.