Fanmail from Gaby D.

Dear Jay,

After reading about your Party Sub Challenge, I was craving some sub. I have never particularly liked subs, nor did I have the means to conjure one up for myself, so I settled for the next best thing: a quesadilla.
It did not satisfy.
I then proceeded to have a brownie, hoping to drive the sub craving out of mind. The brownie was delicious.
It did not satisfy.
Sometimes when I have a strange craving I can't figure out, I drink strong tea and the craving goes away. I made myself the best cup of Black English Breakfast tea I've ever made.
It did not satisfy.
Even though it has been at least six hours since I read the Challenge journals, there is a lingering craving that I feel may never go away.

Much Love,
Gaby D

P.S. - I hope I haven't summoned up the memories of having to eat four-and-a-half feet of soggy sandwich. My apologies if this e-mail induces vomiting.

P.P.S. [Or whatever it is when you've already said "P.S."] - I just want to toss in that I enjoy and look forward to your monthly updates.  I particularly liked your spigot Halloween costume. That has nothing to do with my persistent sub craving.


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