Fanmail from Francielle B.

Hey there,

I don't know how to start, I'm not the greatest english student of my class (actually, I'm not even taking english classes) hahahahahaha

So, i'm writing just to say that since I discovered The Plug I've been wasting hours of work. But, waste is not the word I wanna use. Your stories are so real, so dynamic, I can't stop reading, and I'm serious, man! That's an easy english language, funny and interactive.

I'm from Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil, a 'guarani name' (an indian expression). I'm one in 1.828.092 living here! :) It is a big city! And green. I love this place. But I should confess that I'm lot of curious of Atlanta. I've never been out of my country. Well, reading The plug, I must say that I feel a little bit outside my box.

Best regards,



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