Fanmail from Michael C.


Dear Jay

I felt compelled to write you this e-mail (I guess I should have written you a letter and sent it but i unfortunately have lost the fine art of letter writing and might try to get back to it). I must say I absolutely love the plug, and find myself on it all the time, just everything about, it's .. it's... well I'm not too sure if there is a word for it but if I find one i'll let you know. It would be a very positive word though.

Sorry i got ahead of myself here, hello I'm 19 years old from Windsor, Ontario Canada. I go to the university here for Civil Engineering (so im sorry for my grammar). Windsor is literally 1 min away from Detroit Michigan, like I see Detroit every day, if you were wondering where It was. Just wanted to write to you to tell you that the plug is great, i read it whenever im stuck on problems and it just clears my head. Don't ever stop this please it really is a brilliant website, very fresh and original (these i guess are good words to describe the plug, but i'm still looking for that one word to sum it all up....freginal??). Windsor isn't the cliché Canadian town, we do have a lot of hockey here which is to be expected, but its not always snow, in fact we get some pretty crazy summers here. Why is it whenever you talk to people you don't know you are always almost required, or have this need to talk about the weather, just in case you are running away from someone you would like to know what to pack clothes wise i assume. So if you are every running away from the law, and you need to come to Canada and its in the summer time, don't bring the parkas, shirt and shorts is fine. But if you are being chased in the winter, i would pack that jacket, its pretty cold. Well i guess it is a subject you can talk alot about. Any ways, i wish i could tell you something really cool, about Canada like as a culture difference between us, but i really don't got much, oh we have ketchup chips, im not sure if you guys have those, when i went over to the states once they didn't have any one the shelf, they could have been out of stock which is always a possibility, but if not id try to find them, their very delicious.

Well ive token up much of your time, i hope you enjoyed my letter hope to hear from you ( well you don't have my number so really im hoping to get a letter back.)


Michael C.



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