Fanmail from Victor G.

Happy New Year 2009 Jay!! I hope this new year will be great for you and Patti, please keep doing your crazy things at, I really like and I never forget to visit your website at month's begining. I really enjoy "No Can Do: A Mystery Journal To Learn From", it was very very funny, and "The Candy Tourtment", was incredible, although I couldn't tell you that I agree with the Championship because I have only eaten "M&M", "Kitkat", "Crunch" and others, but not all of them, you have a lot of candys that I have never seen before. "Stranger Photos Have Happened, Vol. 2" is very good, I have a friend in Tokyo, but she doesn't appear in the photo, it would be something amazing hahaha anyway I think japanese people are very shy!!
Ok!! See you soon!!
Happy New Year!! Best Wishes from Spain!!

P.D.: Your name in spanish is "El enchufe" ;)



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