Fanmail from Becca T.


Dear Jay,

I apologise greatly for my belatedness in sending this message.  I was overjoyed and surprised when I received your postcard in my box one or a few weeks ago, but exams and other such things in life delayed me from expressing the appreciation I felt!  But never fear, I have finally gotten around to it, so here is an email from me, Becca T. thanking you so very much for truly brightening my day - not just the day I recieved the card, but every day in which I see the postcard.  To show my love for you and your work and my postcard, I have enclosed two photos of the postcard in places I considered putting it up so I could see it and feel happy every day.  First, in my cupboard among my collection of amusing Post-It notes, and secondly on the wall just inside my door with all my nudey-rudey photos of ladies with boobies.  I chose the latter in the end, because I don't open my cupboard enough to see the postcard often enough.

By the way, you picked the postcard well for me because I LOVE ice cream!  I also liked the slightly suggestive stamps.

Please stay well, and keep being yourself because it is wonderful.

Much love,


P.S:  I loved the candy battle and the second mystery can!  I would do my own mystery can game but I have a weak stomach!
P.P.S:  The URL for the audio file didn't work :(
P.P.P.S:  Can you give me the link to the page with the fanmail on it?  I've forgotten where it is :(



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