Fanmail from Jeremy "The Flaming Cricket" L.

Hi. I'm Jeremy and I have awesome facial hair.  It seems like that is a trait your friends have.  I live in Oakland, CA and I think we should be friends.  I'm  a nice guy, no felonies or anything. Just a couple of non -violent misdemeanors from back in my 20's. I'm 33 now. And I'm not even that irascible really, truth be told. If you want to be friends, you can call me Jeremy. Or better yet, give me a nickname. Some of the ones that I've had in the past. . .
J. (this one won't work for obvious reasons)
Jota (from my travels in S. America)
Jere (ditto that)
Jer Bear
Spare Me

That's a few to get you started. If you don't want to be friends, that's fine too. I could give you some of my online personality tests/ personality disorder tests results if you're borderline about it. They're pretty awesome. I'd attach a file right now just to give you a little psychological insight into "me" or "who  I am"  but it's pretty unlikely that you're going to open an attached file from "Mr. Irascible 2 u" so I'm not even going to bother. It's some fascinating shit though.

Jeremy "The Flaming Cricket" (??) L.



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