Fanmail from Melissa S.

Well well,

I just discovered The Plug via Sarah Brown, whom I discovered via my best friend in highschool, with whom I am still friends, and who is now a Librarian in Paris. How she discovered Sarah Brown, I don't know, so the history ends there. Not a bad place for a story to end; At a library in Paris.(Notice my daring incorporation of a semicolon despite my total ignorance about it's proper usage. That's the kind of wild woman I am. I just go ahead and use punctuation like a freebird. Frig society and it's constraints!)

I like the Plug a WHOLE LOT! I may even just go ahead and buy me up an anthology as soon as I get out of solitary confinement and am allowed to hold a pen again (so I can sign a cheque to you, NOT stab the prison warden in the ribs).

Ha ha, isn't it funny to pretend to be an incarcerated criminal in a high-security prison in Texas(that's where I was picturing in my head anyway and actually, I was a man in this vision), instead of an art school drop-out working in a bank in Montreal? Isn't it?

Aw shucks, you know, I just wanted to say that I pooh-pooh a great many things, dismissing them with the wave of my critical hand, but I truly love The Plug. Also, I am jealous that I didn't think of and do all the things y'all have.

Yay for you! Below is a lifelike drawing of me enjoying The Plug at work.




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