Fanmail from Holly L.

Dear Jay,

First off. I heart the plug. I have only recently discovered it. Now, I live sort of all over the place, but mainly in a tiny village near the seaside resort of Scarborough in North Yorkshire in the UK. This is a pretty nice place, and I spend most of my time clambering down rivers to waterfalls, midnight expeditions to beach coves, finding landslips in the cliffs exposing seams of precious stone (that me and my friend dig out with toffee hammers and a wind up torch that you have to pump continuosly and it's very tedious) and all sorts of magical things like this. Just for fun.

Now the point to all this was, is that despite all the magic, it doesn't seem half as magic as Atlanta does to me now. I will keep watching the seashore everyday to check your message in a bottle doesn't arrive, and if it does I will send one right back saying "of course you must continue with the plug. waterfalls on beaches can't make up for its absence." and so on. So yes. Good work, old horse.


Holly x



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