Fanmail from Christine Y.

i'm in philadelphia and i stumbled (stumble upon) upon [ha] your webzine and i think it's brilliant.  i really enjoy reading it and would love to hear about more things in the future.  i get really bored at work, hence stumble upon to peruse the internet without actually having to make cohesive decisions on what i want to read, i let the randomization of stumble upon do that all for me. 

anyways, i just wanted to tell you to keep up the hilarious work, i do have some questions for you though, not for any sort of publication but to quell my curiosity. 

do you have a day job? i noticed that you like to hold signs during the daytime hours, or stay up late eating massive amounts of beans?  if no, good for you, if yes, hopefully your magazine's obvious future success will render you rich eventually

where can i get me one of those toasters?  i think he's adorable and i want one.


p.s. i especially liked issue #30. keep up the good work



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