Fanmail from Emily M.

Jay!  I took a picture of my Plug Toaster Paper Doll dressed up emo, but I don't want to post it to my Flickr account unless you say it's ok! It is the grand prize for doing the treasure hunt,* after all. Not that alot of people see my photo stream, but I have a few lovely people that look at it often, and one guy that I had to use the ol' "block" feature on, because he sent me an email talking about doing something to me involving ice cream. But I don't want to talk about that.

Let me know!


*I, unfortunately, am not as hard core as Erin G., where I can cut up my book and laminate my treasure hunt card.  I couldn't do it!  Not with printing on the other side!  I just couldn't go all Fahrenheit 451-y on my copy.



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