Fanmail from Manu

Dear Jay Carlson,

I'm the guy from India who wrote to you many years ago when you were about to close down The Plug. I just found out that you've started writing again. I found it through I thought I told you to remind me when you start again. (Or did I?)

Anyway, congratulations on being featured on Reddit. That must have brought a lot of traffic. I'm glad to report that after going through every article of all your new issues (yeah, I have a lot of free time too) I can say that you haven't lost your edge. I'd have given you my own certificate for "The best online content I've seen all day."

The Plug continues to make me laugh out loud and that happens very rarely with me on the internet. The entries that made me laugh out the most were "Letter Rep" (question about party affiliation!) and "Signs of Boredom: A Journal To Learn From" (I don't wear this ugly tie anymore). Please keep going!

New Delhi, India



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