Fanmail #1 from Victor J. G.

Hi!! How are you??
I'm Víctor from Spain, I'm writting to you, because I visited
I can't belive!! It was a great idea!! Very very interesting!!
Leave the camera there for everyone to take their own photos, and then come back to see what's happen... haha it's something very simple and amazing at the same time!! I liked all the photos!
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the world!!
I hope you do many other interesting things like this!
See you!!




Fanmail #2 from Victor J. G.

Hi again!! I'm visiting your website haahaha you are amazing I can't believe, you are crazy, but in the good way!
I'm enjoying so much reading all your website, I'm rigth now with "I don't wear this ugly tie anymore"
Thanks so much to sharing with the world again!!
See you dude!!



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