Fanmail from Rachel T.

holy wow it is jay @ the plug dot net!

finding that your site is active again has brought me ridiculous amounts of joy. i've been randomly checking the site ever since you stopped, in hopes of.....well THIS i guess. so, yay for you! and in reality, yay for me! because i really enjoy the plug. when i came across the new (mingled w/ old) issues/pages i started trying to explain why i was so excited to my roommate.

for your entertainment(?), i will summarize, "oh wow the plug it back!!! it's the plug! it's a web site and the guy he would do...things. funny things! like taking the labels off cans and he and his friend kept a diary...and tiny bumper stickers! oh oh and i wrote him once and he sent me a picture of a lady and a pearl necklace or a xmas gift. he put items outside and took pictures of people's reactions. well I'M glad it is back. yay!" and then the rest of the evening was followed w/ me saying yay and the plug randomly.

i think, in celebration, i'm going to send this link to one of my friends. also, i'm trying to learn photoshop so maybe i'll draw the plug toaster guy.

lastly, i'm a little ashamed for you that your trashcan had so many recycle-ables. i mean, if you can't expect your job to go through the trouble of saving the world, then how are you suppose to reason out not feeling bad when you don't make a compost heap at home?

k, i lied. that wasn't lastly. i also wanted to tell you that i favorited your etsy shop and bought the book (after spending the day telling the roommate that he couldn't buy anymore books). also also also, i didn't find any hidden links on the pages and i don't know if i'm just not very good at searching the pages anymore or if you didn't hide any.

alrighty, so this email should have passed at least thirty seconds of your day and is probably too long to end up on the fan mail page. i probably wouldn't recognize my name anyhow. no one calls me rachel t. also, i didn't write this to get on the web page, i wrote it to welcome you back.

welcome back kotter or jay.

until whenever (and deep apologies if you hate all lower-case typing)


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