Fanmail from Mika M.

Hello, Jay of The Plug!  

I was just talking about The Plug this morning with my friend at a Subway in downtown Osaka, Japan. I'd just gotten eight out of eight stamps on my Subway purchase card; the next time I use it, I get a free "party sub"!

I was pretty excited about this, until I remembered from way back when (halcyon h.s./college days) your article on the life and death of a gigantic party sub.  

Then, I figured that a Japanese party sub would probably be somewhat smaller than the American size you'd documented, anyway. So, hey, free (and possibly not moldy) party sub!  

THEN, I got home, fired up the internet to send my friend a link to the Plug archives, and saw A NEW ISSUE!!!  WHAT!

Basically, it was a great day. Thanks for the memories and the return from hiatus!



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