Fanmail from Chris S.

Dear Jay,

Once upon a time, I wrote you as a freshman at Emory College in Atlanta. If only I had saved that e-mail, then this correspondence would be a) less awkward and b) more relevant. In any event,  it was at college that I was introduced to the wonders and addictiveness of the plug through my great friend Lindsay. Lindsay and I are now seniors and will graduate in the Spring, and we are grateful to see awesomeness return in our final college days.

Personally, I'm glad to see that the greatest web-zine in the world (yes, this is an undisputed notion) is back. I used to read each  issue in the library at school, and now I once again get to laugh aloud at a website while strangers glare at me from nearby cubicles. This is great.

You should also know that this website stirs the creative writer in me.  The plug inspires me to be a writer even though I'll end up in medical school in a year's time. Keep up the great work.

Oh and next time, I'll write you an actual letter and send it in snail mail. E-mails are shallow and cheap like the politicians who didn't write you back. I'm just out of stamps after mailing thank you cards for Christmas presents.

Chris S.


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