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I'm Not Saying That You'll Die Laughing If You Purchase The Plug Anthology: Volume 1, But I Am Saying That You'll Want To Be Buried With It
by The Plug

For a two-year period, I spent 95% of my free time producing an online magazine called The Plug (the other 5%: mastering potato salad). The Plug was nothing more than a means to document my life so that when I'm eighty years old I could remember, for example, which parking spaces I've parked in over a period of time. Or that time Jason and I bought each other a week's worth of canned food and intentionally removed the labels before swapping. If you've ever been a fan of The Plug's online issues, then purchasing the book is a no-brainer even if you're not my parents. I also believe that if this is your first time hearing about The Plug, then you definitely won't regret purchasing Volume 1. What's not to love about social experiments, impromptu interviews with strangers, and thematic photo series? So in conclusion, just buy one and pretend that fourteen bucks fell out of your pocket.


I've Never Read Or Heard Of The Plug,
So It's Obviously Not Worth Buying
by The Plug's Neighbor, Charles Settle

The Plug Schmug. I would rather clean up after my dog in the backyard than buy or read so called "literature." Just give me a subscription to the National Enquirer and a bullet to the head.



The Plug Anthology: A Book About A Website That Started As A Zine
The Plug Anthology, Vol. 1