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Open Letter To Whomever Is Listening

Dear Whomever Is Listening,

This is the last issue of The Plug. What does that mean? Well, every now and then I get tired of and/or bored with a project and move on to another project. That doesn't mean that The Plug is a goner. Oh, no. I've taken a hiatus before. It may have been a three year hiatus, but the point is that I came back.

During the site's down time, I will be writing. The biggest pot on the burner is the continuation of The Plug Publishing. The next project out of the gate is a novella that I wrote called Tag. Following that, I plan to release Plug Anthology, Vol. 3 and other written works by Plug contributors. If you enjoy social network sites, then you may want to join The Plug's Twitter account to stay up to date on all the things that we would like to sell to you.

I have had a lot of fun producing this site over the past two years. I hope you've enjoyed your time here, too. This is officially the second-to-last sentence that I'll write before the hiatus. Thanks for reading.

The Plug Issue #50: Finally.
Issue #50