Contributor Stories: Lee DiGeorge

My most special moments with The Plug have nothing to do with any article that I've written. It's bringing joy and laughter to others when I share The Plug with them for the first time.

Once in college, I disrupted the entire class with laughter out of nowhere. When the professor asked me what was so funny, I told him that I read a great zine on the internet (and a great article in particular). He, trying to embarrass me, asked me what it was, and that's when two hundred of my closest friends and strangers were introduced to Mystery Can and The Plug. The e-mail I received from my professor completely shocked me:

Dear Lee, That was the funniest thing I had ever read. 
- Professor from State University of New York 

I first discovered The Plug through a girlfriend. I didn't keep her, but I kept The Plug. Reading the site made me feel, in a completely twisted way, that I was not alone. Someone shared my sick sense of humor. I didn't become close with The Plug until after his Message in a bottle as I continued to drop him occasional e-mails. Deep down inside, I did backflips when Jay asked me to contribute. I felt like I was part of something important. Some odd way of restoring laughter in the lives of those who needed it most. For that, and for Jay's friendship, I am humbly blessed. Thanks for sharing all of this with me.


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