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Dollar Bowl
(Originally appeared in Issue #15)

JAY:   If I took a five dollar bill and taped it to a bowling ball, do you think it would come back in the ball return?

PATTI:   What do you think, that the monkeys that are down behind the thing are going to take your money?

JAY:   I know no one's going to take my money. But what if I shittily tape a five dollar bill with one piece of tape?

PATTI:   I think it would come back. But why would you tape five dollars? Why not a dollar?

JAY:   Because all I have is a five.

PATTI:   Ask them to change it at the snack shop.

JAY:   That's smart. Okay, I'll do that.

JAY:   Do you think it will come back in the ball return?

CAT:   Maybe.

JAY:   Maybe? That's it? I could have told you that.

CAT:   How well did you stick the tape on? Just a one finger press? Or did you scratch your finger on it?

JAY:   I don't know.

CAT:   Because if you pushed it real good, that's going to stay.

PATTI:   I think that'll come back.

JAY:   Well, I don't think it's going to come back. And I think you both owe me a dollar if it doesn't.

PATTI:   There's no betting! I don't owe you anything if it doesn't come back.

JAY:   So [Patti] thinks it stands a chance. [Cat] thinks it stands a chance. I say there's no chance in hell. Let's just settle the debate once and for all. Here we go. I'm gonna lose.

CAT:    You didn't even hit any pins. That ups my odds.

All patiently wait for the ball to return.The ball emerges with the dollar bill intact. All cheer and laugh.

PLUG:  That's miraculous. I'm going to make it my lucky dollar. That was a good bet.... for myself.

Issue #49: It's the penultimate!
Issue #49