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Kyle Croonsworth: Voicemail Singer For The Bored

In 2005, a hero emerged. A vigilante. A man for the people. His name? Kyle Croonsworth, Voicemail Singer For The Bored ®. Kyle has no super power. Only the ability to leave anonymous song medleys in the voice mailboxes of people whom he does not know. His debut album, Paid Vacation, entertained over  ten people, and Kyle's follow-up album, Under Cover of Deskness, was definitely something that could be listened to.

Many speculate Kyle Croonsworth's true identity, citing the coincidence that Jay Carlson and Kyle Croonsworth never appear to be on the phone at the same time, most notably during one of Jay's office breaks. But that's all hearsay, right? I mean, don't go talking to that receptionist lady. Damn, she is crazy! I'd believe an egg with a jump rope before I'd believe the words out of her mouth.

The Plug has miraculously obtained Kyle Croonsworth's newest album, The Meeting Can Wait. How's that for luck?! It's a concept record that documents various songs that were stuck in Kyle's head. Click on the song titles below to hear actual voicemail messages that were left by this elusive and most definitely awesome do-gooder. Wherever there's a bored worker with a toll-free number, Kyle Croonsworth, Voicemail Singer For The Bored ® will be there to confuse them.



Issue #48: Solid like a rock. [Note: the rock is made of diamond]
Issue #48