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Hall of Costumes: Tape Dispenser

Another year, another costume made out of foamcore and posterboard. If I had to guess which of the two would win in a fight, my money would be on foamcore.
The silhouette of a tape dispenser was cut freehand with a knife. If you squint, it kind of looks like an elephant. Perhaps if people can't guess what my costume is supposed to be, I could use that as a backup plan.
A short tube was added to give the illusion of depth.
From the opposite side. See? Depth.
A mirror image of everything that has been built so far was constructed because I am dyslexic.
I'm kidding. The two mirrored halves will eventually attach together like a yin and yang, a magnet's north and south pole, or evil twins wrestling.
The two halves were miraculously glued together. The shell fit like a glove that you wear on your torso.
Overhead shot of the shell.
Thin strips of black and yellow were woven on top of a green posterboard to mimic the appearance of an unnamed brand of adhesive tape. Okay, fine... Sticky MacCleary Brand Tape.
Ta da! Tape Dispenser Costume.*

* Beer sold separately.

As always, it's very important to have a pretty woman on your arm. That way if someone doesn't like your costume, then you can offer the insane person something else that's nice to look at.

Happy Halloween, Internet!

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