Frozen Gourmet
(Originally appeared in Issue #15)

Much like people, the first thing that we notice about a frozen entree is its appearance. If the box top passes our attractiveness test, then we develop other relationships beyond the physical. In the food world, this form of dating is called brand loyalty.

I have yet to find a brand partner for life. My biggest problem is that by the time I’m back at the supermarket, I’ve forgotten which frozen entrees I enjoyed and which ones rubbed my eyes the wrong way. The truth is that while the outside of the package may look attractive, what's inside can make you no longer fear death.

After being burned one too many times, I set out to expose the the food equivalent of a blind date: the frozen entrée. Things are definitely not what they appear to be, so I photographed what really lurks inside those packages. Although this experiment is not a competition, each meal is rated on picture accuracy, just to keep things in perspective.

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Issue #46