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For A Good Time Call: A Curious Interview

Maybe I'm a romantic, but I see nothing wrong with meeting new people. In fact, I've built an online empire meeting new acquanitances. It's only fair that I give back every now and then and become the subject of someone else's social experiment... which I then turn around into my social experiment. In other words, people like to write phone numbers on bathroom walls and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't tempted to call one for shits and giggles, so I did.

NUMBER:  Hello.

JAY:  Hello. My name is Jay and I was calling because I found your phone number written on the wall of a bar. And I wanted to interview you and see if you knew that your phone number was written on the wall of a bar.

NUMBER:  [laughs]

JAY:  I swear it's not a joke.

NUMBER:  Alright. And?

JAY:  There's no and. I'm actually doing an interview and seeing if you get a lot of strangers calling your number. Or perhaps you get a lot of wrong numbers.

NUMBER:  No. And nobody in this household ever goes to a bar.

JAY:  Okay. I guess that would expain things. So you don't have any idea why your number would be written there.

NUMBER:  No. What bar was it?

JAY:  It's called The Earl over in East Atlanta.

NUMBER:  The Earl? Hm.

JAY:  Yeah. I guess there's no explanation there. I saw it and was like, I wonder if that person knows that their number is written.

NUMBER:  Nope. Thanks for the survey.

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