The Boxers

We received a large cardboard box. The original contents of the box are not important, but what could potentially fit inside of the box was. It looked big enough for a person to fit inside. Some agreed. Others disagreed. And the challenge was documented for all of the world to see.

Jay's Commentary
* I used to think I could fit in this box, but now that I see Petey next to it... He's a really small dog, so I don't know. The box looked really big when it first came.

* I fully accept that I won't be able to close the flaps, but I think I can do this.

* I don't have a strategy.

* Did I do it? -- Oh, I broke it. I thought I was doing well.

* What if Iay on my back and pull my knees up?

* I think I got really close. I think I would have fit if I was ten years old or younger.

* This was a really good idea.



Cat's Commentary
* I did think that [Jay] could do it, because I saw a guy fit into a one foot box once... on TV.

* Do you think I can fit in it? I don't think I can fit in it because my shoulders are way bigger than the height of the box.

* Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening.

* If you're going to get in the box, you're going to have to try to close the flaps. What's the point of just sitting in the box? Anyone can sit in it.

* This probably does not look right.

* It seems like you should be able to fit in here. It really seemed plausible. Maybe if we angle our bodies a different way?


Patti's Commentary
* Whose idea was this?

* Fail. Fail. You could have done it if you set your mind to it.

* I never thought you could fit in the box. Do you want to see if the dogs will fit in it?

* Let's send him back. Return to sender. Where did Garfield send Nermal all the time? Timbuktu?

* That was fun. And that's how Plug articles are born.

... Then Joke.
Issue #45