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Assorted To Do Lists

by Jay Carlson
Hello. Jay Carlson, again, with another list of mine. I don't even know why I hang on to these things. They're all the same. Watch movie, buy groceries, and do the normal things that everybody does with their free time. However, this To Do List from February 2007 offers a few subtle variations that are worth exploring.

Sell Couch - I'm not a procrastinator, but I do let activities slip down the totum pole. If given the choice between sweeping the roof and selling the couch, apparently I'll choose manual labor over meeting a stranger who wants to sit on three years worth of stains.

Sex - Embarrassing and neurotic. Let's move on.

Rock - And I did. I'm not sure in what context, but there is no doubt that it was awesome. I wish you could have been there. I think it's interesting that Cat also had "Rock" on her To Do List. Rocking is a more common (and necessary) activity than anybody previously thought.

Daisy Bath - I'm the designated dog washer of the household. There's something satisfying about cleaning the filth off of Daisy.

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