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Assorted To Do Lists

by Jay Carlson
Let me begin by acknowledging that I have the worst handwriting that I've ever seen. I wish I could blame it on having rusty hooks for hands, but alas, my penmanship suffers from regular hooks for hands.

Anyway, this To Do List was for a weekend in December 2008 and I think it's interesting for many reasons. I'm going to list those reasons now, because the irony is delicious.

[Cut] Stencil [For] Bags - This was the only activity that I did not accomplish. Apparently I was so busy that I didn't even have time to fully write out the entire activity. I had to inject half of the command at a later date. Ooh, that would have made a great thing to check off on the To Do List.

Use Gym? - Most people would be content with simply writing Gym, but not me. I wouldn't have known what to do at the gym. Do I rob the gym? Hug the gym? What? It's a real testament to my awesome planning ability to have the foresight of using the gym.

Plug  - It's funny that I bothered to write Plug, because working on this site in my free time is a given. If I type even one letter of an article, then I consider that a successful completion of the activity.

Sex - I totally did it. High five! But seriously, why did I have to pencil that in? Was my weekend so packed that I wouldn't have found time to have sex with my wife?

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