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Moving Day: A Curious Interview

JAY: What's your name?

GERALD: I'm Gerald. They call me Mississippi because I'm from Jackson, Mississippi.

JAY: Are you moving in?

GERALD: No. We're moving out.

JAY: Maasty Internet Cafe?

GERALD: Yeah. It's bad times right now. We'd been here for about ten years.

JAY: I remember. I've been here for eleven years. I mean, I've never been in your store, but I remember when you opened. It's a great location.

GERALD: Mm hm. Things was good for a little while, but then the economy started going bad.

JAY: What's your plan now?

GERALD: Well... That's the owner there. I've been working for him, but now I need to find something else to do. I'll be out of a job after today.

JAY: I'm really sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you.

GERALD: Thanks. You too.


Issue #44: Putting my Plug degree to work
Issue #44