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The Plug's "Goodwill Toward Men" Auction

Direct from the intersection of Virginia Avenue & North Highland Avenue in Atlanta come the Signs of Boredom. In Issue #28 of The Plug, I held three signs at a busy intersection for an hour, just because. And I documented the experience, also just because. The three Signs of Boredom read:

I Don't Wear This Ugly Tie Anymore
Car Wash / 5 Miles -> / Probably

Now these whimsical signs can be a part of your own traffic-stopping experiments. The signs are light, but they aren't small. Each board measures 20" x 30". They are all hand-painted with acrylic on durable white foamboard. Each sign features the same message written on the front and back, allowing for maximum readership.

Winner: Kerry & Andy Turner
Winning Bid: US $2.50
No. of Bids: 4
No. of Auction Views: 194





The Plug has a long history of incorporating meticulously drawn images into the publication's articles. Take the cover of Issue #40 for example. No way were those drawings incidental and rushed. And now a dozen pages of quality Plug doodles can be yours for keeps. A thrift store told me that nobody would want these drawings, but we both know that's a lie. These drawings will appreciate in value for generations. Bonus: they're portable and fit easily into any casket.

Winner: Leslie Collins
Winning Bid: US $4.75
No. of Bids: 6
No. of Auction Views: 118




Remember that time when you were ten and Aunt Elaine mailed a birthday card to you with a ten dollar bill inside? And remember how you opened every single piece of mail for the next two decades (even credit card applications) because you thought there might be some sweet, sweet cash inside? Well that sense of wonder can be yours again with your very own letter from The Plug that was intended for someone else.

In January 2009 I mailed a dozen letters to random people in the United States whose addresses I found using the White Pages. The article was called My Desperate Penpal Experiment. [Spoiler alert! Only one person wrote me back.] A few of the letters that I mailed to random recipients were returned to sender, but my loss is your gain because up for auction are three sealed envelopes with unknown correspondence inside. I honestly don't recall what I wrote in each letter, but I can tell you that each letter is hand-written and features a unique stream-of-consciousness message.

Winners: Jose Untalan & Amy Swiney
Winning Bids: US $3.25, $2.50, $2.25
No. of Bids: 4, 3, 2
No. of Auction Views: 113, 77, 74



Mystery Can is one of the most popular articles in the history of The Plug. For the second installment of the experiment, Tracie and I ripped the labels off of ten canned food items and made the other person eat the mysterious contents. I kept the labels that I ripped off because I thought I would find a use for them. Obviously that never happened, so if you're the winning bidder, then make me proud.

The ten Mystery Can labels for sale are from the cans that Tracie had to eat. All ten labels are in great shape, and why wouldn't they be? I iron them nightly.

Winner: Rachael Jones
Winning Bid: US $2.00
No. of Bids: 1
No. of Auction Views: 93



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