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The Plug's "Goodwill Toward Men" Auction

I donate unwanted items to Goodwill on a regular basis. The attendants hardly bat an eyelash when I hand them a Teflon-less Teflon pan or a work shirt that I hate. But how would they react to items previously used in The Plug? I don't feel good about throwing away the byproducts of an online magazine, so I attempted to unload the oddities at the Goodwill Donation Center on Ponce De Leon Avenue. It didn't go so well.

THRIFT MAN: How are you doing?

JAY: Doing real good. I have some donations.


JAY: Do you have any use for drawings like this?


JAY: For real? I'm good [at drawing], though.

THRIFT WOMAN: Ha! Let's see. Let's see how good you're not.

[Hands drawings to MAN and WOMAN,. One drawing cites the tea party drawings used in Issue #40]

THRIFT MAN: Yeah. That's not bad.

THRIFT WOMAN: You had a tea party?

JAY: Yeah.

THRIFT WOMAN: We didn't get invited.

JAY: I also have a bunch of letters that haven't been opened. Any use for that?

THRIFT WOMAN: Heavens no! What are we gonna do with that?!

JAY: Somebody must want it... maybe.

THRIFT WOMAN: No, I don't think so.

JAY: I'll show you.

And show her I will, because I sold all four items that Goodwill turned down via online auction. You say sloppy seconds. I say I need beer money. Read about the items in full detail by following the link below:

Results of The Plug's "Goodwill Toward Men" Auction


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