If You Could Name A Beer, What Would You Name It?

Debonair: The Lager for Women
- John Nowak

- Lee DiGeorge

Jacques Brewsteau:
The Favored Beer of Aquaholics

- Erin Glaser

I Like Your Face
- Cat McCord

- Aaron Dallas

Black Picket Fence
- Patti Carlson

Alec Guiness
- Alexis Siemon

They say that any product name with "Red" in it automatically does well. People like "Red." Those with discerning taste often dismiss beers made in America, so I need a name that implies that the product is exotic and not of this country. Something catchy and cute to grab the largest swath of the beer drinking public. Also, I've noticed throughout the years that companies will put "Gold" on the end of a product name to imply that a product is their top brand. The king of their product line. The product with all the best attributes of prior products (and none of the skunkiness) is "Gold."
So: Red Chihuahua - GOLD
- Jason Parker


Issue #43: Scratch & sniff for yourself... Mongolian Beef!
Issue #43