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Quote Capsule: Mason Gentry Edition

"One week time capsule. Did you do this already? It feels really familiar. Ask friends and loved ones for items that have been important to them during the week. Maybe throw in a cheap gossip mag so you can laugh at how dated it will appear one week later."
- Mason Gentry pitching an idea to me, January 2008


"A long time ago did you do an issue of The Plug that featured a one week time capsule? It sounds familiar. Well if you haven't, I think it would be funny if Patti or someone buried some stuff in the yard and then you dug it up a week later to examine the contents."
- Mason Gentry pitching the same article idea to me, March 2009


"It's funny how the theme of the experiment was time capsule related and my correspondence somehow manifested itself in that theme. Its like I sent the first email, buried it in the backyard of my mind and forgot about it."
- Mason Gentry after being shown why his second pitch sounded familiar, April 2009

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