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Sidewalk Abandonment: Brassiere Cashier

CASHIER: Hi. How are you doing today?

JAY: I'm good. How are you?

CASHIER: I'm doing great. Eleven fifteeen is your total.

JAY: Is it weird that I'm buying a bra?

CASHIER: Are you buying it for your girlfriend or your mom or your sister?

JAY: None of those.

CASHIER: Aw, man. Grandma?

JAY: No.

CASHIER: Are you buying it for you?

JAY: Not exactly.


JAY: I guess it's not that strange then.

CASHIER: Nope. Everybody does what they want to do. You can't judge people. You might need some extra support. There's not a thing on me, but some men do have breasts. You might have more than I do, but hey...

JAY: Have a good day.

CASHIER: You,  too.

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