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Mystery Wardrobe: The Outfit Jay Has To Wear

JASON:   Okay. You can look.

PLUG:   This is like Christmas. [turns around] Wow, I've got a fanny pack! Is this like a one-piece? Wait. No. It's a bathrobe!

JASON:   It's a bathrobe.

PLUG:   Nice. I like how we both got huge shorts and accessories and stuff.

JASON:   They kind of go together.

PLUG:   This is so doable. I'm going to look like a fool, but it'll be alright. I really had this big fear that you were going to give me biker shorts. Oh man. Honestly, if I got biker shorts, I might have had to call this off.


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Issue #41: April Issues Bring Pant Showers
Issue #41