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Mystery Wardrobe
(Originally Appeared in Issue #14)

Mystery Wardrobe is undoubtedly the greatest game in the world, and I just now made it up. Find a friend. Buy him an outfit at a thrift store for under ten dollars, and have him do the same for you. Then wear the hell* out of your outfits for one day, and (thank you, good conscience) one day only.

Not that there are any rules, but Jason and I made some rules.

1. The buyer may not spend more than ten dollars ($10.00) before tax on a complete outfit.
2. The buyer may purchase any clothing or accessory items regardless of gender. However, the buyer may not purchase undergarments or shoes to be worn. That's just gross.
3. The outfit will be worn for one whole day, from the time the wearer wakes up until the time he goes to bed.
4. The wearer must visit at least two places in public.
5. The wearer may only add clothing to his wardrobe for weather purposes and only while outside. The wardrobe may not be covered up when indoors.
6. If asked, the wearer may not reveal why he is "dressed funny."

* Hell does require embarrassment. I mean, let's face it... it's hell.

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