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Ironic Feathering Magazine: Salon Reaction

PLUG: Can I ask you a question?

SALON: Yeah.

PLUG: In your expert hair opinion, how popular is ironic feathering right now?

SALON: I don't know.

PLUG: So you haven't seen an increase, a boom?


PLUG: There are magazines about it everywhere.

SALON: Um. I don't even know what that is.


PLUG: How popular is ironic feathering?

SALON: Ironic feathering? You mean like a technique? [long pause] Not real popular.

PLUG: You need to get with the trend. There's a new magazine called Ironic Feathering Magazine. [hands her the magazine] I thought you might like to get with the program.

SALON: Nice! Where did you get this? [laughs] Can I have this?


Salon Reaction

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Issue #41