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My Desperate Penpal Experiment, Vol. II

  January 27, 2009

Hello, hello, Dana.

My name is Jay Carlson & how do I put this... I'm writing to you just because. People love to receive mail, but nobody writes letters any more, so I'm just doing my part to resurrect a lost art. In case you're wondering, I got your address 100% at random from the Washington White Pages. I've only been to the west coast once (Portland, OR to be exact) so I can only imagine that Washington State is equally beautiful. Am I right? I included a postage-paid postcard if you want to let me know, but you don't have to respond if you don't want to.

Jay / The Plug




Dear Jay --

Thank you for your unexpected and lovely note. You are correct -- people do love to receive letters, but if you are truly trying to resurrect a lost art, you may wish to consider investing in proper stationery. G. Lalo is my favorite brand. And yes, Seattle is beautiful.




  February 9, 2009

Dear Dana,

Thank you so much for your reply. & I couldn't agree with you more. Stationery is important. I wanted to show you that I can do a good job as a correspondent, so this letter is written on paper that I purchased when my wife & I were in Japan. Unfortunately, I don't have a matching envelope, so I still have much to learn. I liked the green color of your notecard. It was very calming. You know what else I find calming? Muffins. I'm going to eat one right now. It's blueberry. Jealous? I thought so. Advantage: Carlson.



To date, I have not received any further correspondence from Dana.

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