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The Penis Tree
(Video originally appeared in Issue #11)

Back in the Summer of 2003, Patti and I stumbled upon The Penis Tree. Like the name suggests, it's a mighty big tree that looks like a mighty big documentary subject. We had no choice but to inform the masses, who politely listened. To this date, the Penis Tree remains the most watched Plug documentary about a phallic shaped plant.

So where is the Penis Tree now? I revisited the tree's erection in the fall of 2004. I hoped to gush at an old friend and was not prepared for the horror coming towards me. The Penis Tree that I knew and loved had shriveled. Plant disease? Maybe. Harsh winter? Perhaps. But a lack of support and appreciation? No way. The bedside prayers worked wonders, and The Penis Tree re-grew to its fullest, at least until the winter of 2005. That's when an ice storm caused the beloved timber to fall. True, The Penis Tree is no more, but it will continue to live on in our hearts and our bandwidth. Rest in peace, enormous woody.


For your candlelight vigil viewing pleasure, I now present the infamous Plugumentary, The Penis Tree. I apologize for the low volume. I still don't know what I'm doing.



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