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Pie Face

It's a tale as old as time. Throw a pie in someone's face and the audience will lose control of their collective bladders. I never cared for the gag, but there must be a reason why it's considered a staple of physical comedy. To better understand why pie plus face equals funny, John, Aaron and I subjected ourselves to the humiliation (and possible incontinence) of a good ol' fashioned pie in the face.


John's Review

* I always thought there was some sort of base to the pie even if they were mostly whipped cream. I always thought there was a chocolate base. I didn't know it was just whipped cream and metal.

* I think I got some of the whipped cream up my nose, and because I'm allergic to it, I'm going to consider that an attempt on my life.

* Wearing the blindfold took away some of the anticipation.

* If I was a wealthy dowager, I think it would have been funny. Aaron's pussy throw also didn't help either.

* Aaron, I'm totally going to wail on you. Do you mind if I use more whipped cream? I want maximum fluff.





Aaron's Review

* I was actually excited about this until I stepped outside and realized how cold it was.

* It was my dream to hit John with a pie. Hit me with your best shot.

* God damn it! You hit me in the ear!

* At least he didn't smash my nose.

* Where's the towel? It is so deep in my ear.

* It wasn't funny. [It was funny to everyone else - Ed.] It was a little scary, I've got to say. I felt so nervous when he faked punching me so that I would lean forward. I've got to hand it to you, John. That was pretty brilliant.

* If I got hit by John, Jay has to get hit by John.



Jay's Review

* I don't think I want John throwing a pie in my face.

* Yep. That went up my nostrils.

* My favorite part is the taste. It's actually quite good. I had no idea there was a plus side to being hit in the face with a pie.

* It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Cream pie is a piece of cake.

* The downside to going last is that the towel is wet and sticky.

* If you're in a public situation, like they show in the movies, getting hit in the face with a pie would definitely be humiliating. But when everybody is doing it, it's really damn funny.

* Delicious. I'd much rather be hit with a cream pie than a plate of spaghetti.

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Issue #37