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Plug/CounterPlug: Dentally Challenged


Oh, hello. It's just Jay doing his daily push-ups with a load of bricks on top.My Teeth Are The Greatest
by Jay Carlson

My longest period between visits to a dentist was ten years, and I didn't have any cavities. That's because I take care of my teeth. I floss daily and even say a little prayer for my choppers before, during, and after each meal. I'll admit that my dentist is knowledgable when it comes to the other people's mouths, but if she tells me anything short of "your teeth are like steel and diamond had thirty-two babies," she clearly faked her diploma.


Your Teeth Have Something They Want To Tell You
by Jay's Dentist, Donna

Overall, your gums look good. Mostly with threes (one to three is healthy), but you have a few fours and fives (gingivitis). That part is exciting, getting in there and cleaning up the nasty stuff. Does it hurt on the backside to chew? It looks like you have a cavity at 31 that could be bothering you. I'm worried about this. Yep. It's definitely a cavity coming from an angle. You feel that? [The area that I'm poking] is the cavity and it's decaying into the root. You'll probably need a root canal, and then have a crown put on that tooth. See, that's why you should come to us more frequently.

Issue #37: Here Come The Hugs!
Issue #37