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Mystery Can II: Tracie's Journal

DAY ONE: Quail Eggs in Water

Pre-Consumption: I spent most of my evening making gnocchi from scratch for dinner, which I served with some sautéed arugula and zucchini with some homemade pesto sauce (all of the vegetables were purchased at the farmer's market from local farmers). I was really hoping for a can of mushrooms because mushrooms go really well with arugula and would have added a nice flavor to the pasta.

Opening Ceremony: Instead I opened a can of quail eggs. Fucking gross. Jay came ready to play, I see.

Post-Consumption: I ate one egg whole and it was... pretty gross. There was something about it that I couldn't put my finger on, but it just didn't taste like a regular egg. Next I tried one with salt and pepper, and that helped a little bit. Then my sister, who was over for dinner, had the genius idea to make teeny deviled eggs. They were still sort of gross, but I ended up eating most of the can, and I saved the rest for breakfast the next day. Waste not, want not!

Epilogue: People, do yourself a favor. If you ever eat most of a can of quail eggs, DO NOT FART FOR AT LEAST THREE DAYS. I actually thought that I'd somehow gotten sprayed by a skunk without realizing it. Little did I know this would end up being one of the least disgusting cans.



DAY TWO: Tomatillos

Opening Ceremony: It's a giant can of whole tomatillos--those sour, squishy green tomatoes used to make salsa verde.

Post-Consumption: I tried one whole, and it was so squishy. Soooooo squishy. It tasted okay, pretty salty and sour, but edible. The texture, I can't get over it. Even writing about it now, my stomach is curdling at the memory of the squish. Luckily, I made chili for dinner, so I smooshed the required half of the can (about nine tomatillos) into my bowl of chili.

Oh, god, there are too many tomatillos in here now. I completely ruined my chili. It's just a giant bowl of squishy, smooshed tomatillos and a few beans. This is one of grossest things I've ever eaten, and it's only Day Two. I'd eat a can of quail eggs any day over these. Why did I want to do this?

P.S. The other half of the can did not go to waste. I added them to the rest of the pot of chili, and it actually tastes pretty good because the proportion was not overwhelming.

Epilogue: In the future, I would make salsa verde, plug my nose, and drink it like soup. But hindsight is 20/20.



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