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Mystery Can II

When Jason and I subjected ourselves to a food experiment known as Mystery Can (Issue #5), we had no idea that we would unleash a monster unto the world. The article became one of the most popular in the history of The Plug and sparked countless readers to ruin friendships by playing their own version of the game.

Five years later, the dream of eating unknown contents from canned goods lives on. My friend Tracie let it slip that she always wanted to play Mystery Can, but was unable to find someone willing to play the game with her. Little did she know that my one regret from the match-up with Jason was that I wasn't more diabolical. I happily agreed to participate in a second Mystery Can challenge, for this was my black heart's chance to shine.

The original rules of Mystery Can served us well, but for its return, Tracie and I made one tiny alteration (in bold):

1. Only one Mystery Can per day may be consumed for a period of TEN DAYS.
2. A Mystery Can may be eaten during any meal.
3. The eater must prepare a main course prior to opening the Mystery Can.
4. The eater must consume at least 50% of the Mystery Can's contents.
5. The purchaser of a Mystery Can must notify the eater of any specific cooking instructions (i.e. adding water if condensed).
6. Shaking a Mystery Can prior to opening is not only allowed; it is encouraged.
7. Foods unknown to the eater will be revealed after he or she consumes the Mystery Can's contents.


If you want to make an omelet, you're going to have to break some eggs. In this analogy the omelet is Tracie throwing up. And the egg-breaking is me throwing up.


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I have no one to blame but myself, because it was my idea to do Mystery Can II. I will eat anything; I'm a garbage disposal. I figured there wasn't much that Jay could send me that I wouldn't eat. -- I am an idiot.


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