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There Auto Be a Law
(Originally appeared in Issue #5)

Ladies and gentlemen, the world has a new superhero. A vigilante. A man for the people. I present to you, Chuck Schilling, Protector of Parking Lot Rights ®.

Chuck has no superpower. Only the ability to leave notes on people’s improperly parked cars when no one else is around. Many speculate Chuck Schilling’s true identity, citing the coincidence that Jay Carlson and Chuck Schilling never appear in the same place at the same time, most notably around Jay’s lunch hour. But that’s all hearsay, right? I mean, don’t go talking to that parking attendant lady. Damn, she is crazy! I’d believe a monkey with a mustache before I’d believe the words out of her mouth.

At any rate, my sources have miraculously obtained a copy of the note cards left by this elusive and most definitely awesome do-gooder (how’s that for luck?!). The cards are cut-outs, so in theory, anyone could use them. But wherever there’s parking injustice, only Chuck Schilling, Protector of Parking Lot Rights ®, can use them well.

Download All Four Chuck Schilling Cards Here
You won't regret it, but the sobbing jerk who parked next to you will.


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