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If You Could Name A Candy Bar,
What Would You Name It?


P.B. Velvet
- Jason Parker


Eat Me. I do what the candy bar tells me to do.
- Mercy Dennison


The Flavorgasm
- Rene Dellefont


- Chris Edwards


Any of these would be appealing to me: Death By Peanut, Chunk'o'Nut, Glutt'o'nougat.
- Sarah Falcon


Pom Bom
- Astra Brinkmann


Nut 'n Jive Log
- Mary Kraft


Chewy Chunks O' Love
- Lee DiGeorge


Candy Bar Bar
- Tony Lytle


- Sarah Brown


Soy Vey. For the sizeable Jewish Vegan market.
- Mason Gentry


Doc. Choc. (only old people call it by its full name, Doctor Chocolate)
- Jay Carlson


Sally. The 18-35 female demo could really get into Sally.
- Emily Lytle

Issue #35: Knock Knock. Who's There? Boo! Boo Who? Boo Smith, The Town Crier.
Issue #35