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You & Media: Boiled Peanuts Edition

  I made a T-shirt that read:

Everything That You Say To Me
Will Be Put On The Internet.
Sorry And Congratulations.

The following conversation occurred when I visited a corner fruit stand.



  PLUG:  How do you do?

MAN:  I hope you didn't take me with that thing.

PLUG:  I'm sorry?

MAN:  You didn't take me with that camera, did you?

PLUG:  No. Not at all. I was just taking a picture of the sign. [turns on camera and shows man the picture that was taken] See?

MAN:  No. I can't see it, but I could see you taking pictures.

PLUG:  Can I get some boiled peanuts?

MAN:  How much do you want?

PLUG:  Let's do three dollars' worth.

MAN:  [bags boiled peanuts] Anything else?

PLUG:  No, sir. That'll be it, unless you want your picture taken.

MAN:  No. People shouldn't go around taking pictures unless they ask first.

PLUG:  Whoops. Okay. Have a nice day.

MAN:  Same to you.




Issue #34 - The Internet's Renewable Resource
Issue #34