Sip & Type: A Journal To Learn From
Originally Appeared in Issue #1

9:29 p.m. (mixed drink with a shot of brandy)

And so it begins. Consider this a diary of sorts. A diary of one man's night with his beloved brandy. Here's how it works: I drink a lot of brandy during the course of the evening until I pass out. In between that time, I write little journal entries about my drinking experiences. Incidentally, I really don't intend on passing out. It was just something to say.

9:57 p.m. (another mixed drink with a shot of brandy)

I should mention that part of the fun of doing this journal is that I'm not going to edit. Whatever spelling mistakes I make, I make. I'm not going to change them right after I make them, and I'm not going to change them the next day when I have my hangover. And I should say right now that I'm already feeling the first drink, probably because I didn't really eat dinner. Unless you count chicken broth as dinner. I don't.

10:40 p.m. (second verse same as the first)

I've actually been drinking this drink for at elast ten minutes or so, but due to cooking difficulties, I couldn't really make my way to the computer. I'm making a bean and rice and potatoes kind of dish. I know, I know. Food negates the effects of alcohol. Well then, I promise to up the ante. I'll increase my dosage for the next entry. Hooray for you.

11:14 p.m. (a wowing 3 oz. of brandy with some other stuff)

Like an idot, and just for your pleasure, I've increased my cupful to twice what I had before. That's about it. The beans and rice were good.

11:47 p.m.m (nothing really)

I thought I'd take a brather from the alcohol but still srite. The interesting stuff witll probably come in the next entry, but so far thois whole idea seems like filler. Not necessarily a waste, but just something to meet a quota.

12:32 (nearly one hour and one shot later)

It's been three hours sicne the sta4rt time. I kind of wish something more exciting had happenied thoug the evening,. All that's happend is I;ve gotten a drunk. What good is that typed out.?

12:49 a.m. (none)

Bler blah blee bloo. It's funny because things don';t seem as funny as they do when they're supposed to be funny. I'm sure if I had to Cahrleston, I culd =.

1:17 a.a. (1 more shot and 1 more shot afert tthatr oz. of bra rnsy)

Whoops, the above means brandy. Anyway, I have a good feeling thsat this is going to be my lasy entry. I'm as litlele tired as I' ve gojng ot egb. I've msure tommoirrowe ZI'me gojng to b4 doenoucning this, exceptr thaty yopu and I both knowe we're prijting it. How emabrrading. As a summasry, Alcohoil is only going to emarass you unless you know it's goin to emarradssee you in which it's okayt. unless it's okay even for that,. tick tock tick otck.

1:27 a.m. )something or other)

From ehat I've tallied I've drunked 12+ ounces of alcvohol. I know I feel good, and if your've founf any kind ernojouemnt, grorfom this youtr feel god too,. I'm definitely gooing to bed.


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Issue #33