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If You Could Design a Postage Stamp,
What Would It Look Like?


-Jay Carlson


I was inspired by my intense jealousy over [Jay's] awesome lunch. I almost wrote GO USA but figured USA 43c was probably better.
- Caitlin Sasser


- Chesley Andrews


My ideal stamp would portray Ray, my mailman, because I think he feels unappreciated at work. Ray could be a symbol for overlooked mailmen everywhere. The stamp would also be scratch 'n sniff and smell like blue shorts and sadness.
- Mason Gentry


I like anchors.
- Patti Carlson


I love sandwiches. They're my favorite thing to eat, hands down. My mom makes some world-class sandwiches, and I would like to commemorate her sandwich on a stamp.
- Tracie Masek


- Alexis Siemon


-Clive E. Smith


Because Hamburger Helper is that awesome. I wanted this stamp to be commemorative, but didn't know what year Hamburger Helper was founded.
Inflation. Four dollars per gallon for gas. The million dollar stamp makes sense. I think the bald guy is Daddy Warbucks.
- Chris Edwards

Issue #31: Part-time cynic. Full-time skeptic.
Issue #31