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Mystery Can
(Original Appeared in Issue #5)

Mystery Can is a game (in retrospect, a game you probably shouldn't play) that I thought of during a hungry train ride home from work. Here's how you play. Find yourself a friend. Buy him a week's worth of canned food to eat, and have him do the same for you. Just before you swap cans, rip off the labels. Bon appétit!

Not that there are any rules, but Jason and I made some rules.

1. Only one Mystery Can per day may be consumed for a period of seven days.

2. A Mystery Can may be eaten during any meal.

3. The eater must prepare/decide upon a main course prior to opening the Mystery Can.

4. The eater must consume at least 50% of the Can's contents.

5. The purchaser of a can must notify the eater of any specific cooking instructions (i.e. add a can of water if condensed soup).

6. Shaking the cans prior to opening is allowed.

7. Foods unknown to the eater will be revealed after the seven-day period. Without further ado... Mystery Can.



"To say that I  am nervous would be an understatement. If Jay was as ingenious and cruel as I believe I was in choosing the Mystery Cans then I fear what awaits me over the next seven nights. God be with us."


"Jason, this is the dumbest idea I've ever had. We totally have to do this."


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Issue #30: The Food Issue
Issue #30