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What's the Difference Between a Doughnut and a Donut?


- Alexis Siemon


The hole. I'm not going to say which one.
- Campbell Alexander


I think doughnuts are for when you want to party hearty,
while donuts are for when you want to party hard-y.

- Matthew Hutchinson


Doughnuts Donuts
- Jay Carlson


Donut is the lazy person way to spell it,
like how people think thru is an acceptable way to spell through
- Cat McCord


I eat a doughnut in a much classier fashion.
- Sarah Brown


That's easy. Krispy Kreme makes doughnuts. Dunkin makes donuts.
- Tony Lytle


A doughnut is a delicious, old-style cakey breakfast pastry that you dip in coffee or milk. And a donut is a low-rent concept of the doughnut that came around after 1969 or so, typically accompanied by a paper napkin, like a poor man's doughnut. Of course, I'd eat either of them right now if you gave me the choice. I'd probably eat both.
- Sarah Falcon


I think a doughnut is a sweet bit of fried dough,
and a donut is a decline in spelling.
(See also: tonight/tonite)

- Tracie Masek


I'm pretty sure that people eat doughnuts,
and donuts are the little tires you put on your car.

- Rene Dellefont



Issue #30: The Food Issue
Issue #30