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Quote Capsule: Alexis Siemon Edition



"I wish I was goofing off.
Instead I'm reading an equity report and tracing a duck."

- Alexis Siemon while stuck at work, June 2004


"Wow. Ugh. Stupid equity report. I remember the duck because
I got a notepad and coffee cup from the same company.
I have the coffee cup next to me now."

- Alexis Siemon on learning that I saved her duck tracing quote, February 2007


"Where is this going? You keep referring to it so
I assume you're using it for something."

- Alexis Siemon on learning that I saved her response to the duck tracing quote, July 2007


"Consider this my reaction to your recapping my original quote and the reactions to your saving same."
- Alexis Siemon on, yeah, what she said, March 2008


Issue #29: The Best Things End With Lug.
Issue #29